is an exclusive and innovating system for a built in shower tray, integrated in the floor, is totally accessible.

In our actual life showering is more convenient than bathing and Platospacio give us the possibility of doing it safer and more comfortable, without barriers or obstacles and with the size, form, colour or even the texture you need in each different installation.

Platospacio has eliminated the multiple problems that existed to build a real walk-in shower, its simplicity and speed of installation, together with its absolute leak proof technology brings to all what until now was only a comfort for few people.

The system has been designed to make life easier. Platospacio is the shower of the future, its multiple different accessories, like the TERMOGRES floor heating mat and the minimalist kits of large size porcelain tiles and Titanium, make Platospacio the most advanced and versatile built in shower system.

Click showroom to see the multiple installations of the Platospacio built in shower system.

Platospacio unifies simplicity, effectivity and security. Made in Spain.

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